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You have eaten their food at Smorgasburg, Queens Night Market and other NYC pop-up markets. This is your opportunity to enjoy them at home directly from our kitchen incubator in Long Island City. The Entrepreneur Space has created an innovative delivery program to support our foodpreneurs whose locations have closed during the COVID-19 crisis.


Come back daily as we continue to add businesses. Please follow the ordering instructions for each company

Meal Service

Cooking w Corey delivery

Whether you just want good food or good food that’s healthy, we’ve got it at Cooking with Corey. Our comforting meals are microwave and refrigerator ready, saving families time and money. We can’t wait to feed you!

  • Cottage Cakes – Pancakes meet crepes in protein filled, fluffy pancakes. $6.50

  • Western Hash – Add a breakfast kick with western hash topped with jalapeños. $7

  • Pesto Eggs and Sweet Potato – savory and sweet come together is this tasty, healthy breakfast. $7

  • Rasta Pasta – Creamy and spicy pasta gets paired with peppers in this dish. $7.50

  • Spaghetti and Meat Sauce – Marinara and ground beef make this a tasty, hearty pasta meal. $9

  • Chicken Mac – A customer favorite, the classic mac and cheese topped with juicy, seasoned chicken breast. $11


Order by 11 pm on Tuesday. Deliveries on Wednesday only.

Eat nom squared delivery

Delivering, a one-of-a-kind,world inspired culinary journey, produced using healthy and nutritious ingredients,leaving every meal withan enjoyable and memorable experience.

  • American – Honey Balsamic Steak with Roasted Potatoes & Broccoli – $15.99

Grilled sirloin steak-tip marinated in Honey Balsamic with roasted potatoes & broccoli sprinkled in garlic & thyme.

  • South American – Chipotle Lime Steak w/ Roasted Potatoes & Broccoli – $15.99
    Top sirloin marinated in lime juice, cilantro, chipotle peppers & garlic and then grilled perfection served with roasted potatoes & broccoli seasoned with garlic and thyme.
  • Italian – Gnocchi with Vegetables – $12.99
    Gnocchi paired with a trio of sautéed tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers, finished with a touch of butter.
  • Mediterranean – Shrimp & Orzo Pasta – $12.99
    Sautéed shrimp in tomato sauce and fresh oregano over spinach & roasted red peppers tossed with a orzo pasta.
  • American – Blackened Salmon w/ Shallot-Dijon Vinaigrette – $12.99
    Blackened salmon with roasted potatoes & sauteed green beans, sweet peppers served with a side of bright, piquant shallot and whole grain Dijon vinaigrette.
  • Thai – Thai Red Chicken Curry w/ Jasmine White Rice – $12.99
    Stir fried Chicken breast, broccoli & carrots paired with a bright red coconut milk curry sauce and fragrant ginger, lemongrass
  • Pineapple Fried Rice – (Plain $10.99, Chicken or Shrimp $12.99)
    Thai-style sweet and spicy pineapple fried rice with red bell pepper, cashews and cilantro and finished with a fragrant & tangy lime


Place order by Tuesday for Thursday (midweek) delivery OR place order by Friday for Sunday (beginning of the week) delivery. Serving Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau, Jersey City, Hoboken.

Ipsa delivery

Thoughtfully sourced, artisanal frozen dishes for a civilized meal any night of the week.  Spend less time worrying about what’s for dinner and more time enjoying it.

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup: $21- 6 types of chile, roasted plum tomatoes, and toasted organic tortillas; a mix of spinach, roasted carrots, beans and tender shreds of chicken. Addictively crunchy tortilla strips included.
  • Pozole Rojo: $23- Fall-apart pastured pork shoulder, Rancho Gordo heritage pozole,and Red New Mexico chiles. (Medium spicy)
  • Heirloom Bean + Vegetable (Zuppa alla Frantoiana) Soup: $21- A Tuscan specialty. We use heritage cannellini and borlotti beans along with a garden full of vegetables and wild herbs. (Vegetarian/Vegan)
  • Lasagna Bianca: $25
    Inspired by the bounty at Union Square Farmer’s Market this Lasagna includes butternut squash; organic rainbow chard, and caramelized onions nestled between layers of fresh pasta and a Cheddar Béchamel. (Vegetarian)


Place order by noon for next weekday delivery.

Quiaufa's Kitchen delivery

Food that is good for your soul!

One protein + two sides $14

  • Herb Roasted Boneless Chicken Breast
  • BBQ Shredded Chicken
  • Seared Tofu with mushroom and onion gravy (vegan)

Select 2 sides: All sides are vegan

    • Brown Rice

    • Garlic Sautéed Kale

    • Southern Red Beans

    • Maple Candied Yams


Allow a 48-hour notice.

Snacks & Condiments

well delivery

Gwell bites are indulgent treats made in small batches with dairy free, soy free, gluten free ingredients. We do not add any refined sugars and load every bite with nutritious, whole, functional foods.

All sets are $25. (Ten meals are donated to No Kid Hungry for every order)

  • Focus & Energy: Supercharge your day with our clean energy bites in 3 flavors.
    2 packs Matcha, 2 packs Orange Cacao, 2 packs Black Forest Cherry Truffle
  • Stress Relief: Supercharge your day with an assortment of Gwell Bites designed to help you relieve stress and improve your mood.
    150g Bag Cloud 9 Reishi & Chaga Tea Cookies, 1 pack Reset Golden Turmeric and Coconut Bites, 2 Packs Black Forest Cherry Truffle, 1 Bag Cloud 9 Ashwagandha and Smoked Paprika Crackers
  • Immune Support: Supercharge your day with an assortment of antioxidant-rich, Gwell Bites designed to help boost your immune system!
    150g Bag Cloud 9 Peach & Pomegranate Tea Cookies, 2 Packs Reset Golden Turmeric and Coconut Bites, 2 Packs Gwellnola Gluten & Grain-Free Granola, 1 Pack Activate Pineapple & Coconut Gwell bites


Allow 48 hours for delivery. Sells nationally.

Jack and Friends delivery

PLANT-BASED JERKY FOR ANY LIFESTYLE.  Jack & Tom, our first jerky, in addition to the main ingredients of jackfruitand pea protein, includes tomatoes, poblano peppers, and a signature blend of spices to awaken your taste buds. Each bag is also veganand top 8 allergen-freeand contains 21g of proteinwith no added sugar, making it the perfect healthy, grab and go option for people seeking a delicious plant-based snack. 


  • Jack & Tom Jerky Single pack $8.99
  • Jack & Tom Jerky 5-pack $44
  • Jack & Tom Jerky 10-pack $80


Sells nationally. Free shipping.

milene jardine chocolates delivery

Milène Jardine Chocolatier creates high quality, artisanal chocolates in New York City. Each flavor tells a story and takes the customer on a journey to a different continent to experience a new flavor in life.

  • Truffles

5 piece “Live By Love” Classic Truffle Collection, $20. Includes 1 piece each of Harvey Wallbanger (USA: orange and Galliano Liqueur); Sanctuary (Japan/India; ginger, turmeric, black pepper); Goddess (Egypt; hibiscus and mint); Puriste (France; Dark Chocolate) and Serenity (Ireland; Whiskey and Sea Salt)

15 piece. “Live By Love” Classic Truffle Collection, $45.  (3 pieces of each of the above flavors)

Other Truffle 5 piece assortments include Seasonal And Whiskey.  See website for details.

  • Chocolate Bars

International Chocolate Library $40.  5 bars including 1 Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar, 1 Toasted Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Chocolate Bar, 1 Raw Pistachio Chocolate Bar, 1 Rosemary Chocolate Bar, 1 South American Dark Chocolate Bar

  • Luxury Gift Parcel $100

Includes the 15 piece Classic Truffle Collection, the 5-piece Seasonal Truffle Collection and the 5 piece International Chocolate (Bar) Library


Place order by 12 noon for next day delivery. Also selling nationally.

Pepplish delivery

Made from sustainable ingredients you cook with every day because we believe our food should simply be food like the way nature intended it to be.

We build community by sourcing ethically, fairly, and locally.

  • $8 hot sauces: Flavors: Peach Agave Garlic; Apple Cilantro Lime; Blueberry Basil Shallot; Pineapple Lemongrass Ginger; Blackberry Rhubarb Thyme; Cranberry Orange Clove
  • $10 specialty hot sauces: Mango Garlic Hickory; Lemon Parsley Ink
  • $15 Gift Box Sampler: 3 x 2oz bottles of Peach, Apple, and Blueberry gift box set
  • Deals: 3 hot sauces for $20, 4 hot sauces for $25, 5 hot sauces for $30 + $7 flat rate shipping for every order. Mango Garlic Hickory; Lemon Parsley Ink; and Gift Box Sampler are excluded from this deal.


If local to LIC & Astoria, place order by 4 PM for next day delivery. Also sells nationally. Products ship within 3 business days.

SDSauce delivery

Commonly known throughout Thailand as “Nam Jim” sauce, it is a perfect combination of salty, sweet, sour and spice, with just the right amount of heat. Use it as a dipping sauce, stir-fry sauce, condiment, dressing or marinade. Spice up your meals with an amazing burst of flavor and spice unlike anything you have ever tasted.

A Taste of Thailand in a Bottle!

  • Original flavor 5oz bottle $9.99
  • Ginger Vegan 5oz bottle $9.99


Order by 5 pm for delivery the following day. Also selling nationally.

Frozen Foods

Kitchen 36 soups delivery

Artisanal Small-Batch Soups – Just Like Homemade. Each soup has its own unique characteristics, using the finest, freshest ingredients. 

Available in: Small (Pint) or Large (Quart)

  • Black Bean – Vegan – $7 or $12
    A rainbow of peppers, lime zest, and chili powder give this chunky soup a delicious flavor and texture
  • Curry & Ginger Carrot – Vegan – $7 or $12
    A blend of curry, ginger, and almond milk give this pureed carrot soup a lovely creamy texture.
  • Lentil – Vegan- $7 or $12
    A delicious favorite made with brown lentils and vegetables in a tomato base.
  • Mushroom Barley – Vegan – $7 Small only
    A delicious and filling winter soup with mushrooms, vegetables, barley, and fresh herbs and a pinch of cayenne and paprika.
  • Split Pea – Vegan – $7 or $12
    The perfect mix of yellow and green split peas, whole peas, carrots, and onions seasoned with marjoram, thyme, and parsley.
  • Tomato w/Basil & Parmesan – Dairy – $7 or $12
    This chunky tomato soup is hearty, yet light. Made from fresh tomatoes, crushed Aleppo red pepper, and lots of basil.
  • White Bean & Kale – Vegan – $7 or $12
    Our version of the Tuscan classic – made with a variety of white beans (great northern, small whites, and cannellini) and fresh kale.
  • Chicken Noodle –  $12.50 Large only
    White and dark meat, vegetables and wide noodles in a delicious homemade broth make this soup a true winter classic.


Allow 2 – 3 days for delivery.  Arrives frozen. 

Pizza cupcake delivery

Thoughtfully sourced, artisanal frozen dishes for a civilized meal any night of the week.  Spend less time worrying about what’s for dinner and more time enjoying it.


An Italian classic reimagined with a trade-secret dough recipe, topped with oregano, fresh mozzarella, and original San Marzano tomatoes.



American-cuisine influence meets traditional Italian taste. The Margherita plus pepperoni

12-Pack Margherita or Pepperoni: $24.95 plus tax + $6.95 delivery fee
24-Pack Margherita or Pepperoni: $44.95 plus tax + $6.95 delivery fee


Shipping on Tuesdays or Fridays (delivery via courier service)
Currently shipping to Manhattan, Brooklyn,Astoria and parts of New Jersey.

With your purchase of a 24-pack, we’ll donate 1 box of Pizza Cupcakes to the healthcare worker heroes in our community, right now.

A Trip to Jamaica $9.95 

  • Includes: Jamaican style Coco Bread (1 package with 2 pieces) and Mini Jamaican rum cakes (2 packages 4oz each)
  • Option 2: Traditional Jamaican Snack Kit $9.95
    Includes: Jamaican style Coco bread (1 package with 2 pieces) and Jamaican flavored vegetable patty (1 package with 2 patties)

Coco bread is eaten in Jamaica and other areas of the Caribbean. Coco bread is often split in half and stuffed with a Jamaican patty to form a sandwich snack or meal.


Order by 5 pm the day before. Also selling nationally.


Salut delivery

Plant-based Infusions – Just add liquid! Liquor, Wine or Water. A fun and healthy way to add delicious flavor and natural sweetness to your drinks.

  • Berry Beautiful: $35 (up to 10 servings per bottle)
    Flavor: Strawberry, Hawthorn Berries & Black Currant Tea combine for a burst of fruity flavor, with floral whispers from Hibiscus & a tangy kiss from Goji Berries.
  • Love Elixir: $35 (up to 10 servings per bottle)
    Flavor: A smooth tropical taste of Pineapple, Orange & Coconut, balanced with a hint of earthy flavor from Damiana.

Each order delivered with elixir and bottle for mixing.


Place order by 12 noon for next weekday delivery. Also sells nationally.

Pet Treats

Wholesome, artisan treats, made with love for your pooch.

  • Amuse Pooch Chicken Chips $14; $20
    Antibiotic Free, Ethically & Pasture raised, Grain Free, No Additives – nothing icky, just chicken breast
  • Amuse Pooch Beef Chips $16.50; $29
    100% Beef, US inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture


Allow 48 hours for delivery. Selling nationally.


Be the first to get these artisan market-only products delivered to your home.


Please follow the ordering instructions for each company